Industrial Areas Of Mathura

About Industrial Area

Mathura is one of the most popular tourist place because of its religious importance. In olden days this city was lacking the industries. However, with the modernization and privatization of every sector of business, there are now small scale as well as large scale industries are now being setup in different parts of the city. Industries refer to the particular type of business which are conducted by several companies in that particular industry.

There are several industries in Mathura such as chemical, information, automobiles, communication, service, education, manufacturing, technical, production, construction, etc. These are the basic sectors in which there are several companies operating in Mathura. New companies in every industries are established every year and at present there are several small scale as well as large scale industries in this city. The labor cost is low and skilled, semi skilled and unskilled labor is easily available along with other facilities that are required for establishing any industry in Mathura.

Industrial Areas

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